7 Tips For A Safe And Healthy Winter Pregnancy

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You might think being pregnant in the summer is difficult to manage, however, cold winter weather can be more taxing on a mom-to-be. As the weather gets downright frigid in Omaha, NE, a pregnant woman should consider these 7 tips for a safe and healthy winter pregnancy.

Staying SAFE During A Winter Pregnancypregnant woman walking in the snow

Keeping you and your baby safe is a priority for all pregnant women, but this is especially true during winter months. In cold climates, it is a foregone conclusion there will be ice, snow, sleet, wind, and all around scary cold weather. Brrr.

Practice Precautions

If the weather outside is frightful, maybe you should snuggle up with a good book. If that’s not possible, at least wear boots and footwear which will give you sufficient traction if there is snow or ice on the ground. Concentrate on walking more slowly as your center of gravity has changed. Should you sustain a fall, call Associates in Womens Health even if you think all is well.

Winterize Your Car

Be sure your tires are safe with needed tread. Add antifreeze so you won’t get stuck out in a storm. Always wear your seatbelt fastened securely to stay under your belly.

Delegate Certain Chores

Let someone else shovel your front walk. If it’s particularly icy, let someone else walk the dog. Be prudent and don’t try to be a superwoman.

Staying HEALTHY During A Winter Pregnancy

It’s easy to only concentrate on staying safe, but you also need to focus on staying healthy during a winter pregnancy.

Get Your Flu Shot

Don’t overlook your flu shot. It is safe for pregnant women. Take vitamin supplements, wash your hands frequently, and avoid those who are sick since your immune system becomes compromised during pregnancy.

Don’t Forget To Drink Water

Yes, even in winter staying hydrated is important. Forced air heating, staying indoors, and warm layers can all cause dehydration if you are not gulping down lots of water and other fluids during the day.

Deal With Your Dry Skin

Use unscented moisturizers to avoid the itchy dry skin that comes with pregnancy and dry conditions. Take shorter moderate temperature showers, and invest in a humidifier (or 2) to keep the air moist.

Keep Active

Just because you are pregnant and it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean you can skip exercise and hibernate on the couch all winter. Take advantage of a nice day and go for a long walk. Sign up for a prenatal yoga class or find one online. You can try some other inside activities like indoor swimming, aerobics, and resistance training.

Contact Associates in Womens Health at (402) 697-7200 with any questions or concerns about staying safe and healthy during a winter pregnancy.


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