What To Do After You Get A Positive Pregnancy Test

Surprise, you’re pregnant! If this truly is a surprise, stay calm, talk with your partner and consider all your options. The truth is no one can tell you exactly what to do after you get a positive pregnancy test. You might be thrilled to begin or increase your family, be upset because it’s a surprise and it’s not part of your plans, or you may have emotions somewhere in between. However you react, here are some guidelines.

See Your Doctor

Even if you had a positive at home test, it is still necessary for you to see your doctor to confirm you are pregnant. You should make the appointment as soon as possible.

happy woman looking at positive pregnancy test

Discuss any health issues that could affect your pregnancy like diabetes, hypothyroidism, miscarriages, or other chronic problems. At the same time be sure you are up to date on all vaccinations. Find out your birth date and upcoming schedule for any tests.

In the event you have not planned for this pregnancy and are not ready to make this commitment, talk with your physician about your options.

Take An Honest Look At Life Changes You Will Need To Make

If you want a healthy baby and carry it to term, check off some lifestyle risks.

  • If you drink alcohol, that will become a no-no.
  • Smoker? You really should quit. Even second hand smoke can affect your little one, so let all your relatives and friends understand they must refrain from smoking around you.
  • Illegal drugs will hurt your growing baby. Enough said on that topic.

Begin Taking Prenatal Vitamins

Nutrition is super important now so begin taking folic acid. 600 micrograms per day is necessary to protect your baby from birth defects.

See Your Dentist

Schedule a cleaning and let your dentist know you are pregnant. Bacteria in your mouth and less than excellent oral health habits can affect your growing fetus and cause preterm contractions.

Reevaluate Your Job

If you have a job where heavy lifting is involved, or you must be on your feet for hours, you will need to make some adjustments. Let your boss and human resource rep know you are pregnant and work out a solution.

Take Good Care Of Yourself

Eat healthy whole foods. Get enough sleep, Try not to worry too much. (We know, easier said than done.) Cut down on caffeine a bit as this can affect birth weight, and get enough mild exercise throughout your pregnancy.

Tell The World

Or at least tell your little part of the world that you’re pregnant. Enjoy and celebrate these special months.

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